Trial News

08/16/2000 - Hearst Case Aftermath Flares (San Jose Mercury News)
08/16/2000 - Chronicle Case Criticism Irks Justic Department (SF Chronicle)
08/15/2000 - Barbs Traded Between Top Gov't Antitrust Lawyer and Judge who Approved Chronicle Sale (AP)
08/11/2000 - And So What Now? (SF Chronicle)
08/04/2000 - Malodorous Monopoly (SF Bay Guardian)
08/02/2000 - Examiner Deal Poses a Threat, Monthlies Argue (San Jose Mercury News)
08/02/2000 - Yellow-Bellied Journalism (SF Weekly)
08/02/2000 - Mandating Monopoly (SF Bay Guardian)
08/02/2000 - Profit Preservation (SF Bay Guardian)
07/29/2000 - Hearst Transfers Examiner to Fang (SF Examiner)
07/29/2000 - Legal View: Straightforward Work on Tough Case (SF Chronicle)
07/29/2000 - Fangs Get the Examiner (SF Chronicle)
07/28/2000 - Judge Refuses to Stop Sale (LA Times)
07/28/2000 - Judge OK's Hearst Purchase of Chronicle (
07/28/2000 - Judge OK's Sale (San Jose Mercury News)
07/28/2000 - VIDEO: Chronicle Sale Approved (KRON-TV)
07/27/2000 - Judge Rules Chron Sale Legal (San Jose Mercury News)
07/27/2000 - Judge Allows Chronicle Sale to Hearst (AP)
07/08/2000 - Why U.S. Iced Chronicle Probe (San Jose Mercury News)
07/08/2000 - Judge Gets Answer From Justice Dept. (Contra Costa Times)
07/08/2000 - Chron Sale All Over But the Judging (SF Examiner)
07/08/2000 - Chronicle Sale OK Tied to Examiner Deal (SF Chronicle)
07/07/2000 - U.S. District Court Post-trial Orders and U.S. Department of Justice Responses (
07/07/2000 - Examiner Sale Was Crucial to Feds (SF Examiner)
07/05/2000 - Judge Wants More From Justice Department (SF Bay Guardian)
07/01/2000 - Judge in Chronicle Case Asks New Reply (SF Chronicle)
07/01/2000 - Judge's Order Delays Chron Decision (San Jose Mercury News)
07/01/2000 - Chronicle Sale Judge Wants More Info (SF Examiner)
06/30/2000 - U.S. Says It Had to Curtail Chronicle Probe (San Jose Mercury News)
06/30/2000 - Justice Dept. Explains Why Chronicle Sale Was Approved (SF Chronicle)
06/30/2000 - Justice Affirms Position on Sale of Chron (SF Examiner)
06/29/2000 - Statement by Reilly Attorney Daniel Schulman (
06/29/2000 - Chron Sale Won't Hurt Competition (SF Examiner)
06/29/2000 - Select Examiner Staffers to Be Answering Questions for a Change (SF Chronicle)
06/29/2000 - Staffers Probed on "Horse Trade" (SF Examiner)
06/28/2000 - Hearst and Chronicle Extend Deadline for Chronicle Purchase (AP)
06/27/2000 - S.F. Paper War Tactics Revealed (San Jose Mercury News)
06/14/2000 - White Out (scroll to center of page) (SF Chronicle)
06/14/2000 - Justice Dept Asked To Join Chron-Ex Suit (SF Bay Guardian)
06/12/2000 - Examiner On The Block (Time Magazine)
06/10/2000 - Hearst Trial Stalled; Judge Seeks Justice Input (SF Examiner)
06/10/2000 - Justice Department Asked to Intervene in Newspaper Trial (SF Chronicle)
06/10/2000 - Examiner Editor Denies Being Told to Kill Story (San Jose Mercury News)
06/10/2000 - Judge Seeks Justice Department's Input on Anti-Trust Trial (San Jose Mercury News)
06/09/2000 - Chronicle: Hearst Exec Tried to Block Story in Examiner (AP)
06/09/2000 - Reilly's Lawyer Says Hearst Attorney Has Misled Court (SF Examiner)
06/09/2000 - Hearst Insisted Examiner Hold Story on Chronicle (SF Chronicle)
06/09/2000 - Justice Department Asked to Participate in Newspaper Case (Bay Cities News)
06/09/2000 - Reilly Says Documents Show Justice Dept's On His Side (SF Chronicle)
06/09/2000 - New Allegation on Examiner Sale (San Jose Mercury News)
06/08/2000 - Judge Asks For More on Justice Contacts (SF Examiner)
06/08/2000 - Lawyer for Hearst Backs Off Statement (Cal Law)
06/08/2000 - Hearst Files Documents To Show Fear of Lawsuit (SF Chronicle)
06/08/2000-  Hearst Tells How U.S. Pushed Examiner Sale (SF Examiner)
06/07/2000 - Big Trouble For Hearst? (SF Bay Guardian)
06/07/2000 - Former Reporter Sues Chronicle Over Firing (SF Chronicle)
06/05/2000 - Order Could Spell Trouble for Hearst (Cal Law)
06/03/2000 - Hearst Ordered to Explain Statements (SF Chronicle)
06/03/2000 - Comment on Suit Draws Query (San Jose Mercury News)
06/02/2000 - They Trade Horses, Don't They? (Salon)
06/02/2000 - Judge Orders Hearst to Back Up Claim of Threat From Justice (SF Examiner)
06/01/2000 - Clint Reilly Statement (
06/01/2000 - Judge Homes in on Hearst-Fang Deal (SF Examiner)
06/01/2000 - San Francisco Newspaper Decision in Judge's Hands (LA Times)
06/01/2000 - Chronicle Arguments Wrap Up (San Jose Mercury News)
06/01/2000 - Judge Questions Plans for SF Papers (AP)
05/31/2000 - Both Sides Get Parting Shot in Newspaper Trial (SF Chronicle)
05/31/2000 - Trial Winds Down With SF Newspaper (AP)
05/30/2000 - Chronicle of S.F. Newspapers Makes Its Own Story (USA Today)
05/29/2000 - Newspaper Battle Raises Questions (AP)
05/25/2000 - Reilly Seeks To Bar Both Paper Deals (SF Examiner)
05/25/2000 - Judge Receives Final Briefs in Antitrust Trial (AP)
05/25/2000 - Hearst, Fangs Accuse Reilly of Slander; Judge Quizzes Lawyers on JOA (SF Chronicle)
05/25/2000 - Chronicle Warring Goes On (San Jose Mercury Center)
05/24/2000 - Judge Seeks Details on Papers' Profit-Splitting (SF Examiner)
05/24/2000 - Hearst Corp.'s Civic Gesture (SF Bay Guardian)
05/21/2000 - Trail Opened Up Newspaper Deals (AP)
05/20/2000 - Parties Sum Up Key Evidence at Trial To Block Chronicle Sale (SF Chronicle)
05/20/2000 - Dueling Visions of City's Press (SF Examiner)
05/20/2000 - Pros, Cons of Chronicle Sale Argued (San Jose Mercury News)
05/17/2000 - Hearst's Mayoral Romance (SF Bay Guardian)
05/17/2000 - Let's Hear it For Clint Reilly (SF Chronicle)
05/17/2000 - San Francisco's Newspaper Fiasco (Boston Globe)
05/16/2000 - Profile: Judge Charts His Own Course (SF Chronicle)
05/16/2000 - Fang Envisions Strong Rivalry, 'Lean' Examiner (SF Chronicle)
05/16/2000 - Viewpoint: Playing Lowball At Fang's Examiner (SF Gate)
05/16/2000 - Judge Is No Stranger to Controversy (San Jose Mercury News)
05/16/2000 - Fang Testifies on Negotations With Hearst (San Jose Mercury News)
05/15/2000 - Fang Denies Plans for a $500,000 a Year Salary (SF Examiner)
05/15/2000 - Fang Tells Judge He Could Make Examiner Fly (SF Examiner)
05/15/2000 - Would-Be Examiner Owner Testifies (AP/NY Times)
05/14/2000 - Sale of Chronicle Turns Into a 'PR Nightmare', Expert Says (SF Examiner)
05/14/2000 - Trading the Wrong End of the Horse (SF Examiner)

05/13/2000 - Hearst Executives Put on Hot Seat (San Jose Mercury News)
05/13/2000 - Hearst Chiefs Shocked At Testimony (SF Chronicle)
05/12/2000 - Hearst Execs Should Open Up to Reporters (SF Examiner)
05/12/2000 - Despite Testimony, Hearst Reiterates No-Job-Cuts Pledge (San Jose Mercury News)
05/12/2000 - Examiner Demise, Stronger Chronicle Called Good for S.F., Expert for Hearst Testifies at Trial (SF Chronicle)
05/12/2000 - Analysis Predicted $20 Million More in Profits; Some Job Cuts Under Merger (AP)
05/12/2000 - Legal Brief (Feature) (SF Chronicle)
05/11/2000 - Hearst Was Urged to Make a Quick Bid (SF Examiner)
05/11/2000 - Did the Examiner Sell Its Editorial Pages to Mayor Brown? (
05/11/2000 - Study Finds Subtle Shift in Examiner Editorials After Brown Lunch (SF Chronicle)
05/11/2000 - Newspaper Trial Reveals Trading of Information (Contra Costa Times)
05/11/2000 - 'Horse Trading' Takes Examiner Spotlight (San Jose Mercury News)
05/11/2000 - Ex-Judge to Lead Hearst Probe Into Testimony Furor (SF Chronicle)
05/10/2000 - Backing Brown (SF Bay Guardian)
05/10/2000 - The Publisher's Six Big Lies (SF Bay Guardian)
05/10/2000 - Cleaning Out The Swamp (SF Weekly)
05/10/2000 - Paper's Sale Called Sham (San Jose Mercury News)
05/10/2000 - Judge Appointed to Review San Francisco Newspaper's Editorial Integrity (AP)
05/10/2000 - Reilly Expert Hedges on Subsidy Amount (SF Examiner)
05/09/2000 - "Newspaper Trial Revelations Obscure Key Antitrust Issues" (SF Chronicle)
05/07/2000 - "S.F. Newspapers' Drama Captivating Audiences" (San Jose Mercury News)
05/07/2000 - "Newspaper Trial Tells All" (SF Examiner)
05/06/2000 - "Pressure Behind Examiner Sale" (SF Examiner)
05/06/2000 - "One Seamy Exposť After Another/Fetid Stench Emanating from Newspaper Sale Trial" (SF Chronicle)
05/06/2000 - "Insider Tip Aided Bid for Chronicle" (SF Chronicle)
05/05/2000 - "Tim White takes the fall" (Bay Guardian)
05/05/2000 - "The Examiner's dirty secrets" (Bay Guardian)
05/05/2000 - "The publishers' greed" (Bay Guardian)
05/05/2000 - "Reilly Lands Some Punches During Newspaper Trial" (SF Chronicle)
05/05/2000 - "Hearst considered Fangs' S.F. clout" (SF Examiner)
05/04/2000 - "Stained By Grease, Not Ink" (SF Chronicle)
05/04/2000 - "U.S. knew about offer" (San Jose Mercury)
05/03/2000 - "Lawyer Derides Publisher Suspension" (Associated Press)
05/03/2000 - "Chron CEO: Shutting Examiner discussed" (SF Examiner)
05/03/2000 - "Wake Up and Smell a Horse Trade " (SF Chronicle)

04/30/2000 - "Lawsuit over Chron sale 'a special kind of case'" (SF Examiner)

04/28/2000 - "Reilly trial brief says Fang could earn $1 million" (SF Examiner)

04/28/2000 - "Mayor Pressured Hearst Over Sale - Documents show role in Chronicle deal" (SF Chronicle)

04/27/2000 - "INSIDE STORY - How Politics Tangled Up S.F. Newspaper Deals" (SF Chronicle)

03/31/2000 - "Judge Holds Up Sale Of Chronicle Despite Justice Dept's OK" (SF Chronicle)

03/21/2000 - "Sorry Batch Will Run Examiner - Fang family has no journalistic credibility" (SF Chronicle)

03/18/2000 - "THE NEW OWNERS - Powerful Fang Family Resepected and Reviled" (SF Chronicle)

03/22/2000 - "Anatomy of a Mau-Mau" (SF Weekly)

03/21/2000 - "The San Francisco Examiner, 1887 - 2000" (Salon)

09/04/1999 - "Hearings On Chronicle Sale Urged - Effect on S.F. minorities a concern to supervisors" (SF Chronicle)

01/31/1996 - "Blowing Smoke, Breathing Fire: The Fang family rides tabloid journalism and hardball politics to the winner's circle" (SF Weekly)